U,F.O. Sighting in Pickens county GA

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Reported by Undisclosed from c-69-246-153-22.hsd1.ga.comcast.net ( on Friday, December 01, 2006 at 4:14PM :

It was about eight O' clock in the evening on november 28 2006, off of highway 53 right outside of the city of jasper and in pickens county ,GA U.S. It was a round light that moved fairly quickly. My son and I were outside trying to fix his jeep at the time of the sighting and we watched the light move from the sky down to a small field about a football field away and even though a wooded arrea sepreated us from the field, we could still see the light from our house and had yet to hear anything, it sat on the ground for about five minutes and that is when we herd a very loud sound wich wich resembled the sound of a turbine from a jet engine, it started to rise and reached the altitude of about a couple of hundred of feet at about the same speed that it came in at and then there was a huge burst of speed and it was gone. After about five minutes or so we went inside and at that that time my neighbor called and told me about what he had heard he described the same sound I have just described to you, but he was inside and had saw nothing. When I hang up the phone I get a call from my other neighbor who was not outside either but had also heard a loud noise. This is the only sighting I have ever had, although I had been told of one by my dad when I was a kid I had never really bealived him.