Triangle Alley (Sonora, CA. U.S.A.)

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Reported by Isaiah from ? ( on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 at 1:09AM :

I have wanted to share this story with a REAL ufo website for a while. I have told many friends and family about what we saw that night, but now hopefully people from around the world can read about my sightings.
The night my dad, brother and I, saw the U.F.O. was just an ordinary summer night in Sonora, CA. circa 1992.
For people that may not know, Sonora is right in the center of what many U.F.O researchers refer to as "Triangle Alley".
At the time of the sighting, we did not know this.
What we saw was a massive section of the black sky, right above Lions Bald Mountain, where actually the UFO Hunters referred to on a show. It was oval in shape, with many red flashing lights blinking, or twinkling randomly, or what we thought was random.
We stood there for probably five minutes, before it just disappeared. My brother and I were absolutely certain that what we just saw was a UFO. In fact we were so excited, we called Unsolved Mysteries to report it, unfortunatley, nothing ever materialized from them, in terms of a show, or interview.
My dad is a major skeptic. He is a private pilot, Marine, and one of the smartest people I know, however, what he saw that night, he too could not explain.
Several friends of mine, in and around Sonora, have also seen unexplainable objects in the skies over Tuolumne County.
My friend Adam, who is a very sane, and trustwhorthy individual, told me that a few months ago, he saw a triangular object in the sky above Groveland, CA. which is not far from Sonora. He stared at it for a few minutes, and then it shot off, and disappeared.
My latest sighting was actually in the Coachella valley, in Indio, CA.
My girlfriend and I were at the Coachella Music Festival, camping out for 4 days of fun and music in the desert.
On the first night of the show, we were relaxing on the grass, and I was laying down flat on my back looking to the dark sky. There were many lazer lights, and other lights all around for the concert, but I was focused on something moving high above all the lights. It really caught my attention because there were no lights at all. It was triangular in shape, and the only way I think I saw it was luck. I think the lights from below were possibly shining off of whatever the object was. It moved very slowly, but I could not track it for long, befor it disappeared into the night.
Indio, CA. is in the southern California desert, near Death Valley, which is actually not very far from where Area 51 is.
Makes you wonder why an aircraft would be flying so low, and with no lights at all!