Extraterrestrial News: 2004

An enormous number of UFO sightings before tsunami India Daily 31 December 2004

Truth is out there Toronto Sun 26 December 2004

UFO sightings over Iranian nuclear installations India Daily 26 December 2004

More evidence of ET contact with Indian government and military India Daily 19 December 2004

Massive sky flash was not UFO BBC News 15 December 2004

UFO over Sunraysia? ABC Australia 14 December 2004

UFO 'explodes' in China News 24 South Africa 13 December 2004

Many have taken interest in UFOs Lincoln Tribune 5 December 2004

Close encounters with silent ultrasonic flying triangles India Daily 25 November 2004

UFO and alien presence in India's heaven of culture and art India Daily 8 November 2004

Marketing to the mothership Space Daily 3 November 2004

We love...UFOs icWales 22 October 2004

Are UFOs influencing India's infrastructure improvements? India Daily 16 October 2004

Mars rovers getting old, but they keep rolling International Herald Tribune 9 October 2004

More UFOs in Indian sky India Daily 9 October 2004

Like America in the 50's, India experiencing thousands of UFOs India Daily 7 October 2004

Mars life looms closer Space Daily 21 September 2004

Sample return missions examined after Genesis crash CNN 16 September 2004

1954: Space ships in France International Herald Tribune 15 September 2004

UFO clouds abduct humans Pravda 10 September 2004

NASA loses spacecraft on descent Houston Chronicle 9 September 2004

Genesis capsule crashes in desert CNN 8 September 2004

Genesis set for stellar return from space CNN 6 September 2004

Astronomers deny ET signal report BBC News 2 September 2004

Alien probe 'best way to find ET' BBC News 1 September 2004

In search of Earth, new class of planets found CNN 31 August 2004

Scientists bored by UFOs ABC Australia 23 August 2004

Great 1908 Siberian explosion: UFO meets comet? Space Daily 22 August 2004

Russian astronaut saw UFO in spaceship porthole Pravda 16 August 2004

Crop pattern sparks fresh debate BBC News 12 August 2004

Russian scientists claim discovery of alien spaceship wreck in Siberia Space Daily 12 August 2004

Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska area Pravda 10 August 2004

Alien encounter in valleys BBC News 6 August 2004

Saturn's shadow and Titan's glow shed light on a complex system Space Daily 6 August 2004

Canadians reporting more UFO sightings London Free Press 6 August 2004

Sexual contact with aliens occurs frequently Pravda 4 August 2004

Anomalous ground holes appear in the Russian province Pravda 3 August 2004

Another attempt to solve the Tungus mystery Pravda 29 July 2004

Crop circling the wagons Calgary Sun 22 July 2004

Exploring outer space: Save the Hubble telescope International Herald Tribune 19 July 2004

Ice and mud make up Saturn's rings CNN 15 July 2004

Rocket problem delays launch of NASA's Aura satellite USA Today 11 July 2004

At the edge of an alien world: NASA Cassini arrives at Saturn Space Ref 10 July 2004

Stunning images from Saturn probe BBC News 9 July 2004

Ice, debris packed in Saturn's rings CBC News 9 July 2004

Cassini ready to run rings around Saturn The Scotsman 9 July 2004

Solar storms may have torn away Mars water, says NASA New Zealand News 9 July 2004

Crop circles baffle Iowa family The Iowa Channel 6 July 2004

Durban 'UFO' was actually Venus, says prof Independent On Line 5 July 2004

An alien earth in Saturn's backyard Space Daily 5 July 2004

UFO over Durban captured on video Independent On Line 1 July 2004

NASA receives 'mind blowing' Saturn images Columbia Daily Tribune 1 July 2004

NASA Cassini image: Saturn's moon atlas has been found Space Ref 30 June 2004

Spanish Fork field takes on uncommon characteristic Provo Daily Herald 29 June 2004

Crop circle appears in Utah county wheat field KSL-TV 29 June 2004

Crop circle shows up in Spanish Fork News 4 29 June 2004

Aliens diss Marconi with pro-Tesla crop circle ZP Energy 29 June 2004

One year later alien mystique still hovers over Rockville Fairfield-Suisun Daily Republic 28 June 2004

'UFO' is spotted in skies Belfast Telegraph 26 June 2004

So what are the aliens trying to tell us this time? Western Daily Press 26 June 2004

Crop circlers warned 'stay away' BBC News 25 June 2004

Alien abduction tales offer clue on memory Web MD 25 June 2004

Hubble may have spotted 100 new planets Houston Chronicle 24 June 2004

Delta 2, satellite roar into hazy sky Florida Today 24 June 2004

NASA letting astronauts take risky space walk today Longview Daily Times 24 June 2004

Saturn's moon Phoebe 'A frozen time capsule': NASA Reuters 23 June 2004

Man finds tough sell for his "UFO discovery" Seattle Times 22 June 2004

Finding an explanation for the unexplained Orange Central Western Daily 22 June 2004

NASA not needed as private firm puts man into space Tech News World 22 June 2004

Probing the world of alien abduction stories EurekAlert 21 June 2004

Reader feedback: UFO connection to crop circles still unsure Slovak Spectator 21 June 2004

NASA predicts four Near Earth Objects passing Free Internet Press 21 June 2004

Mars rovers' longevity amazes scientists Palm Beach Post 20 June 2004

NASA lags in shuttle patch development Red Nova 20 June 2004

India inches closer to ride on NASA shuttle Calcutta Telegraph 20 June 2004

NASA plans crew rescue if shuttle suffers damage Houston Chronicle 19 June 2004

Big UFO 'explodes' The Advertiser 18 June 2004

Crop circles to be work of ET Xinhua 18 June 2004

The NTSB's X-File AV Web 14 June 2004

Exhibition traces UFO signs in Slovakia Slovak Spectator 14 June 2004

Utah UFO? Fox 11 Arizona 14 June 2004

NASA reveals 'spectacular' images of mysterious Saturn moon Axcess News 14 June 2004

Welcome reprieve for Hubble telescope Tech News World 13 June 2004

NASA awaits moon panel's recommendations Hampton Roads Daily Press 13 June 2004

First Irish UFO conference in Galway Ireland On-Line 12 June 2004

NASA craft will enter Saturn's orbit soon Columbia Tribune 12 June 2004

The Hubble constant and the expanding universe American Scientist 12 June 2004

NASA scientist discusses Mars life Reno Gazette Journal 11 June 2004

Mars rover Opportunity gets green light to enter crater Tech News World 11 June 2004

NASA to give Mars test to UK strawberries The Scotsman 11 June 2004

Successful NASA test leads way for safer shuttle rocket motor Space Ref 10 June 2004

Yin, yang, and flattened corn UK Telegraph 9 June 2004

UFO fans devise intergalactic currency Pakistan Daily Times 9 June 2004

NASA rover may vanish in Mars crater Reuters 9 June 2004

Crop circles help save skylarks CBBC Newsround 8 June 2004

Astronomer 'listens' to start of universe Washington Times 8 June 2004

NASA rovers continue unique exploration of Mars NASA 8 June 2004

Skylarks helped by crop circles BBC News 7 June 2004

The shape of our universe Independent On Line 7 June 2004

NASA risks Mars rover for look in crater Washington Post 7 June 2004

Emma B-Files The Mirror 5 June 2004

Space craft prepares to orbit Saturn and its moons Washington Post 5 June 2004

Young world: NASA telescope reveals clues to newborn planet Science News 5 June 2004

Technical challenges await Hubble repair robots Contra Costa Times 5 June 2004

The Hubble constant and the expanding universe American Scientist 5 June 2004

CIA and KGB were fighting for alien's dead body Pravda 4 June 2004

NASA will risk sending one rover into deep Martian crater San Diego Union-Tribune 4 June 2004

Air Force on alert about UFO News 24 South Africa 3 June 2004

Usual scientific explanations lacking in Mexico UFO case Las Vegas Mercury 3 June 2004

NASA tips for observing rare and historic solar show NASA 3 June 2004

Crop circles as oracles Toronto Star 2 June 2004

Is it a UFO? KATC-TV 1 June 2004

NASA scientists discover cosmic baby planet News Factor 30 May 2004

Arrowhead UFO sighting Gulf of Mexico lasted three days Pro Find Pages 29 May 2004

NASA discovers likely youngest planet Fox News 28 May 2004

NASA spells out Jupiter mission details WPMI-TV 28 May 2004

UFO encounter in San Juan Bautista Pro Find Pages 27 May 2004

Mars rover to begin 'deep sleep' to save energy despite risk USA Today 27 May 2004

NASA's Hubble and Cassini view Saturn from afar and near Space Ref 26 May 2004

Space view of rover's hill target BBC News 25 May 2004

NASA orders switch to Russian suits Newsday 25 May 2004

Inquiry due on doomed Beagle 2 BBC News 24 May 2004

UFO mystery solved inSourced 24 May 2004

Space station space suits unusable, NASA says Houston Chronicle 24 May 2004

Starburst eye of a galaxy produces a cosmic shower Spaceflight Now 23 May 2004

Since you asked Mars rovers keep going and going Southern Oregon Mail Tribune 23 May 2004

NASA to launch robot aircraft program Newsday 23 May 2004

'UFO' spotted over Swartz Creek WJRT-TV 21 May 2004

Panel: NASA struggling to fix space shuttle gashes C News 21 May 2004

NASA hasn't given up on Mars Houston Chronicle 20 May 2004

Moon missions could be step to Mars USA Today 19 May 2004

NASA may face shuttle worker shortage, report says Reuters 19 May 2004

NASA lab processes thousands of meteorites USA Today 19 May 2004

Researchers confirm universe is expanding rapidly ABC Australia 19 May 2004

NASA Chandra opens new line of investigation on dark energy Space Ref 18 May 2004

Chandra unlocking mystery of 'dark energy' CNN 18 May 2004

UFOs, implants, and aliens London Free Press 14 May 2004

UFO festival keeps on flying Portland Tribune 14 May 2004

UFO expert hails Mexican video Wichita Eagle 13 May 2004

UFOs gone wild, men from Mars visit Mexico NewsMax 13 May 2004

Mexican Air Force pilots film UFOs Columbia Tribune 13 May 2004

Mexican A.F. pilot films UFOs CBS News 12 May 2004

Mexico pilots release UFO film BBC News 12 May 2004

Mexico confirms UFO sighting Canoe 12 May 2004

Mexico neutral about mysterious lights News24 Houston 12 May 2004

UFO and Abduction reports - are we just an alien experiment? Pro Find Pages 11 May 2004

UFOs set to swarm McMinnville Corvallis Gazette-Times 8 May 2004

Did you witness Norwood UFO? Cincinnati Enquirer 8 May 2004

Valley man claims he caught UFO on tape KGBT-TV Houston 5 May 2004

UFOs, abductions, and ancient astronauts Space Daily 4 May 2004

Total lunar eclipse will be visible from five continents tonight Bloomberg 4 May 2004

The comets are coming! Christian Science Monitor 4 May 2004

NASA's Opportunity rover takes in sweep of Mars crater USA Today 4 May 2004

City-sized asteroid to clear Earth CNN 4 May 2004

Computer 'mobile agents' and robot tested by NASA Spaceflight Now 3 May 2004

NASA says spring shuttle launch possible Omaha World Herald 2 May 2004

NASA hails latest space operation Salt Lake Tribune 1 May 2004

NASA expects space shuttle launch next spring Contra Costa Times 1 May 2004

Iran star struck by UFO phenomenon BBC News 30 April 2004

Who extraterrestrial visitor in Russian province really was Pravda 30 April 2004

UFO fever grips Iran ABC Australia 29 April 2004

NASA puts rover on fast track Oakland Tribune 29 April 2004

Expedition 8 crew returning to Earth USA Today 29 April 2004

UFOs in Iranian skies? Washington Post 28 April 2004

Iranians captivated by UFO sighting Payvand 28 April 2004

NASA: Robotic repair of Hubble 'promising' CNN 27 April 2004

Saturn probe could rival Mars exploration New Kerala 27 April 2004

NASA moots robotic Hubble fix U.K. Register 26 April 2004

"Naked eye" comets to streak into view within days National Geographic 26 April 2004

Life among the stars Pioneer Press 25 April 2004

Close encounters New York Times 25 April 2004

NASA: Proposed spaceship would be propelled by nuclear fission Billings Gazette 25 April 2004

NASA probe is testing Honolulu Star-Bulletin 25 April 2004

Extraterrestrial bugs to invade Earth? Pravda 24 April 2004

Space station failures not serious, commander says Reuters 23 April 2004

Space station to get repairs Washington Post 23 April 2004

New hurdles for space station crew Ithaca Journal 22 April 2004

NASA Cassini offers four ways to see Saturn Space Ref 22 April 2004

Soyuz vehicle docks with space station International Herald Tribune 22 April 2004

City nuts for UFOs Winnipeg Sun 21 April 2004

NASA coming to Astronomy Day 2004 Eastern Arizona Courier 21 April 2004

Einstein probe launch delayed UK Register 20 April 2004

NASA rejects Russian proposal News24 20 April 2004

UFO seen whizzing over city Winnipeg Sun 19 April 2004

Twin NASA rovers roll up to craters on opposite sides of Mars San Diego Union-Tribune 19 April 2004

NASA three steps nearer shuttle launch New Scientist 19 April 2004

Investigators seek clues in UFO sightings South Bend Tribune 17 April 2004

God, the universe and you Tucson Citizen 17 April 2004

NASA rovers' performance on Mars Pravda 17 April 2004

NASA Spirit rover image: Daisy found on 'Route 66' Mars Today 17 April 2004

UFOs spotted over Iran News 24 South Africa 16 April 2004

NASA completes first steps toward returning shuttle to space KPTV-TV 16 April 2004

Executives: Moon-Mars initiative requires rocket commitment San Jose Mercury News 16 April 2004

NASA gives Mars rovers software upgrade WJLA-TV 15 April 2004

NASA and rovers working overtime on Mars Seattle Times 15 April 2004

Take me to your fruit stall ic Southlondon 14 April 2004

Missions to study solar system Kaleo 14 April 2004

Veil lifted on the birth of stars BBC News 14 April 2004

UFO sightings may prompt investigation South Bend Tribune 13 April 2004

Invisible giants exposed in new NASA Spitzer image Space Ref 13 April 2004

Russians said to plan cheap trip to Mars Washington Times 13 April 2004

What's next for the rovers? Universe Today 13 April 2004

NASA's Aura satellite delivered to launch site Science Daily 13 April 2004

Mars rovers rev up for five more months New Scientist 13 April 2004

NASA eyes extending station crew shifts Washington Times 12 April 2004

NASA considers space visitors Wired 11 April 2004

Twin rovers to extend Mars visit USA Today 11 April 2004

Mars bid aims to trump NASA The Age 11 April 2004

It's all relative - Einstein's kink theory put to the test Guardian Unlimited 10 April 2004

Russian space experts plan manned trip to Mars The Scotsman 10 April 2004

Suffolk forest yields UFO surprises East Anglian Daily Times 9 April 2004

NASA extends Mars rovers' mission Science Daily 9 April 2004

Kansas senator wants system to protect Earth from asteroids Miami Herald 9 April 2004

NASA gives Mars rovers five more months CNN 9 April 2004

Where aliens drop in icWales 8 April 2004

It's official - Bonnybridge is UFO capital of UK The Scotsman 8 April 2004

Beer maker lists alien abduction hotspots Washington Times 8 April 2004

NASA gives rovers months more to probe Mars for signs of water San Diego Union-Tribune 8 April 2004

Scots UFO capital UTV 7 April 2004

Alien abduction hotspots The Sun 7 April 2004

Mars rover does its work and is still good to go Omaha World Herald 7 April 2004

UFO seen over Ottawa 580 CFRA 6 April 2004

First of twin Mars rovers completes primary mission San Diego Union-Tribune 6 April 2004

Russian 'flying saucers' to grace American skies Mosnews 5 April 2004

Namibia's fairy circles leave scientists flummoxed Pakistan Daily Times 5 April 2004

Los Alamos lab helps heat things up in space Albuquerque Tribune 5 April 2004

Fly me to the moon Scientific American 5 April 2004

In a whirl over crop circle Queensland Sunday Mail 4 April 2004

Outraged public hatched schemes to save Hubble Indianapolis Star 4 April 2004

Mars rover heads for hills named for Laurel Clark Racine Journal Times 2 April 2004

Spots on Saturn Spaceflight Now 2 April 2004

NASA says shuttle safety fixes could cost $700 Million Reuters 2 April 2004

Methane found in Mars atmosphere San Francisco Chronicle 2 April 2004

Mini-mission idea for Mars' moons BBC News 2 April 2004

UFO like '50000 spotlights' Melbourne Herald Sun 1 April 2004

UFO photographed over Moscow Red Square Pro Find Pages 1 April 2004

UFO blasts sky like 50,000 spotlights World Net Daily 1 April 2004

Spirit finds multi-level hints of past water at Mars' Gusev site NASA 1 April 2004

Spirit backs up water finding on second rock USA Today 1 April 2004

NASA announces moon going flat ZP Energy 1 April 2004

Abductees share stories Cibola County Beacon 31 March 2004

UFO fragments yield sensational results Pravda 31 March 2004

Radio show airs alien encounters Palm Beach Post 31 March 2004

Tidal waves may rock Saturn moon CNN 31 March 2004

Rover scientist says Mars rocks deserve closer look USA Today 31 March 2004

Methane on Mars suggests possible volcanoes Business Day 31 March 2004

UFO spotted by PM's plane Winnipeg Sun 30 March 2004

NASA's Mars rovers experience minor technical problems North County Times 30 March 2004

Scientist supports moon, Mars missions Washington Times 30 March 2004

Martin's jet has brush with UFO Calgary Herald 29 March 2004

Methane found on Mars The Scotsman 29 March 2004

NASA jet flies at seven times speed of sound New Scientist 29 March 2004

PM's plane buzzed by UFO Globe and Mail 28 March 2004

NASA's experimental plane breaks world speed record Miami Herald 28 March 2004

Things go swimmingly for Mars water mission Toronto Star 28 March 2004

Earth's 'quasi-moon' is wayward asteroid New Scientist 28 March 2004

At the shore of a red sea US News 27 March 2004

NASA settles in for long haul on twin rover mission to Mars San Jose Mercury News 26 March 2004

Planetary spectacular New York Journal News 26 March 2004

Radio search for ET draws a blank BBC News 25 March 2004

Mars' surface had pools of salt water says excited NASA Taipei Times 25 March 2004

Life beyond the stars USA Today 25 March 2004

Life on Mars 'could have come from Earth' Australian Broadcasting Company 25 March 2004 

A confirmation on that UFO Ironwood Daily Globe 24 March 2004

Analysis: Mars water discoveries loom huge United Press International 24 March 2004

Mars rocks formed at shore of long-gone body of salt water San Jose Mercury News 23 March 2004

Shuttle flew 25 years with fatal defect Washington Times 23 March 2004

Inspectors find faulty braking device on shuttle Houston Chronicle 23 March 2004

Rover climbs out of Martian crater Philly Burbs 23 March 2004

Allen funds search for extraterrestrial life Independent On Line 22 March 2004

Asteroid scare prompts NASA to formalize response USA Today 22 March 2004

NASA to announce 'major' Mars discovery Washington Times 22 March 2004

Symposium: Is UFO truth in Aztec? Durango Herald 21 March 2004

Chief UFO investigator dies Durango Herald 21 March 2004

Aliens out there? Please come to the rescue The Scotsman 20 March 2004

Rover cracks mystery of Mars spheres CNN 19 March 2004

Asteroid makes close Earth flyby Discovery Channel 19 March 2004

NASA looks to robots to fix Hubble telescope Detroit Free Press 19 March 2004

Plenty of icy water at Mars south pole, says scientists Central Chronicle 19 March 2004

UFO spotted flying over Mars Free Internet Press 18 March 2004

Mars rover spots UFO Washington Times 18 March 2004

Scientist attacks alien claims on Mars CNN 18 March 2004

UFO streaks through Martian sky BBC News 18 March 2004

Sedna, a planet-like object Physics News 18 March 2004

Team aboard new Beagle mission BBC News 17 March 2004

NASA scientists discover 'Sedna' WJRT-12 TV 17 March 2004

Who's out there? Vancouver Sun 16 March 2004

Crop circles: Quest for truth Digitally Obsessed 16 March 2004

UFO publication zooms into abyss Independent On Line 15 March 2004

NASA unveils new planetoid named Sedna Washington Post 15 March 2004

Astronomers discover 'new planet' BBC News 15 March 2004

UFO spies vanish into black hole Guardian Unlimited 14 March 2004

Mars rovers continue making steady progress RedNova 14 March 2004

Hubble future in jeopardy CBS News 14 March 2004

Life on Mars? Palm Beach Post 14 March 2004

Space station components wait on shuttles' return Contra Costa Times 14 March 2004

Rosetta picks asteroid targets Astrobiology 13 March 2004

Encounters of second, third, and fourth kind icCheshire 12 March 2004

Independent film fest among additions to Roswell 2004 Roswell Daily Record 12 March 2004

NASA rover perched on rim of Mars crater North County Times 12 March 2004

NASA head suggests robots repair Hubble Discovery Channel 12 March 2004

Mars rover finds crater a little depressing New Scientist 12 March 2004

NASA rover looks into the abyss BBC News 11 March 2004

Mars rover reaches new locale Discovery Channel 11 March 2004

Boffin sees similarities between Earth, Mars Independent On Line 11 March 2004

UFO magazine folds after editor's death Yorkshire Post 10 March 2004

New NASA theatre shows rover-eye view of Mars Forbes 10 March 2004

NASA's Spirit rover almost ready to peer over rim of Mars crater San Jose Mercury News 10 March 2004

NASA creates portrait of life and death in the universe Science Daily 10 March 2004

Kids thrilled by close encounter of mystery kind Rochdale Observer 9 March 2004

Beagle space probe found at last? ABC Australia 9 March 2004

Martian find may point to extraterrestrial life Asahi Shimbun 9 March 2004

NASA rovers watching solar eclipses by Mars moons Science Daily 9 March 2004

Stalled motor stopped Mars rover from nicking rock USA Today 9 March 2004

Hubble's deep view of the cosmos BBC News 9 March 2004

Did UFO bring down Beagle? The Scotsman 8 March 2004

Some people hopping to conclusions about Mars San Jose Mercury News 8 March 2004

Rover shows Mars was wet on both sides New Scientist 8 March 2004

Opportunity knocked by Martian rock UK Register 8 March 2004

Twin Mars rovers prepare to search for more signs of ancient water Voice of America 7 March 2004

So, where did the water on Mars come from? Toronto Star 7 March 2004

Life lessons from Mars Japan Times 7 March 2004

More signs of water found on Mars BBC News 6 March 2004

NASA gets the picture about water on Mars National Public Radio 6 March 2004

Second NASA rover finds signs of water on Mars Reuters 6 March 2004

Mystery surrounds UFO sighting icCheshire 5 March 2004

Cosmic life imitates art Guardian Unlimited 5 March 2004

NASA's round rover survives test in Antarctica San Jose Mercury News 5 March 2004

Glenn urges Direct-to-Mars trip Slashdot 5 March 2004

NASA's Spirit rover finds evidence of past water in Mars rock San Jose Mercury News 5 March 2004

Bible leaves no room for extraterrestrial life Beliefnet 4 March 2004

Meteorite dust sheds clues to solar system Washington Times 4 March 2004

How much water on Mars? CNN 4 March 2004

More signs of water on ancient Mars Nature 4 March 2004

Mars could have supported life CBS News 3 March 2004

NASA rover Opportunity keeps working away on Mars San Jose Mercury News 3 March 2004

NASA: Mars had enough water for life China Daily 3 March 2004

Mars once awash in water Newsday 3 March 2004

BSF protests to Pakistan after guard reports UFO sighting Pakistan Daily Times 2 March 2004

Rendezvous in 2014: Rosetta, Europe's comet chaser, is en route Space Daily 2 March 2004

Speculation on Mars findings include possible signs of water Salt Lake Tribune 2 March 2004

Rosetta comet chaser blasts into space Deutsche Welle 2 March 2004

NASA to release significant Mars findings Kansas City Star 2 March 2004

Rosetta soars in search of comet CBS News 2 March 2004

Alien expert illuminates audience on extraterrestrial possibilities Wisconsin Technology Network 1 March 2004

A hang-glider or a hot-air balloon? Times of India 1 March 2004

NASA turns its gaze to rest of solar system Kansas City Star 1 March 2004

Rosetta tries for Tuesday launch BBC News 1 March 2004

Enigmatic X-Ray sources may point to new class of Black Holes NASA 1 March 2004

Mars sunset clip from Opportunity tells dusty tale Science Daily 1 March 2004

Alert sounded on Indo-Pak border after UFO sighting Hindustan Times 29 February 2004

NASA makes public the documents on UFO: truth about tragedy in Kecksburg Pravda 28 February 2004

UFO mystery continues in Indo-Pak border Times of India 28 February 2004

KGB unveils UFO secrets Pravda 27 February 2004

Tarter discusses search for aliens Daily Mississippian 27 February 2004

Blue sunset on the red planet CBS News 27 February 2004

Space walk is cut short Newsday 27 February 2004

Answer to Mars water question elusive Discovery Channel 27 February 2004

New NASA Cassini image of Saturn released Space Ref 27 February 2004

Wind forces delay for European spacecraft M-Live 27 February 2004

Space station cosmonaut cuts spacewalk short Voice of America 27 February 2004

Team wrestles with Opportunity's battery problem USA Today 26 February 2004

Comet chasing Rosetta still on launch pad UK Register 26 February 2004

Mars rover Opportunity shears off rock Discovery Channel 26 February 2004

Power drain threatening Mars rover lifespan Reuters 25 February 2004

Mars robot to drill into rock The Scotsman 25 February 2004

Europe to launch comet chaser CNN 25 February 2004

Mars on Earth Wired News 25 February 2004

Aliens exist, say researchers abducted audience members Arizona Daily Wildcat 24 February 2004

Meanwhile on Mars, Spirit rover is halfway to crater USA Today 24 February 2004

Mars rock pictures baffle scientists Ireland Online 24 February 2004

Rosetta spacecraft to launch; Designed to harpoon comet Astrobiology News 24 February 2004

Telescopes observe star destroyed by black hole Contra Costa Times 23 February 2004

Bead like pebbles found in Mars crater Times of India 23 February 2004

Space walk to leave space station empty Reuters 23 February 2004

NASA's Spirit looks for water signs CNN 22 February 2004

X-rays show a star unraveling Washington Post 22 February 2004

NASA determines how foam came off shuttle Seattle Times 21 February 2004

NASA's Spirit rover investigates trench ABC News 21 February 2004

Is it or isn't it? Flying saucer pictures stun UFO watchers Glasgow Daily Record 20 February 2004

Mars explorers keep on rolling: Opportunity digs; Spirit advances Science Daily 20 February 2004

Space shuttles face further delay The Scotsman 20 February 2004

Scientists puzzle over threadlike features in Mars rover images San Jose Mercury News 20 February 2004

Mars rover uncovers hints of water activity New Scientist 20 February 2004

UFO sighted over city Plymouth Evening Herald 19 February 2004

Scientists pinpoint huge object in outer solar system USA Today 19 February 2004

Backup spacecraft planned for shuttle rescue if needed Houston Chronicle 19 February 2004

Can Mars rovers scratch the surface of life? Christian Science Monitor 19 February 2004

Rover scratches below surface Melbourne Herald-Sun 19 February 2004

Extraterrestrial visitor in Russian province Pravda 18 February 2004

Black hole rips apart star CBS News 18 February 2004

Massive black hole gobbles star Florida Today 18 February 2004

On Mars, rover spins a wheel and digs a trench Detroit Free Press 18 February 2004

Mars rover dallies en route to a record International Herald Tribune 18 February 2004

Are we alone? Stanford Daily 17 February 2004

NASA eyes plane for Mars survey Discovery Channel 17 February 2004

Opportunity digging first trench on Mars Xinhua News 17 February 2004

With close ups of Mars, the mystery gets lost in space New York Times 17 February 2004

Alien country: Earthlings welcome CNN 16 February 2004

Mars rover to go for distant record Fox News 16 February 2004

Before trek, Mars rover examines layered rock Detroit Free Press 16 February 2004

NASA rovers play Martian scientists Pakistan Daily Times 16 February 2004

In search of other-worldly truths Taipei Times 15 February 2004

Hubble sees 'most distant object' BBC News 15 February 2004

Rover prepares to dig trench on Mars USA Today 15 February 2004

NASA's Spirit rover examines unusual rock ABC News 15 February 2004

Three people needed to help in 32 year old UFO mystery Turks 14 February 2004

NASA prepares for Martian soil analysis ABC News 14 February 2004

Mars rovers' data rate increased Houston Chronicle 14 February 2004

Mars rover to explore patch of soil Miami Herald 14 February 2004

Robotic arm is fixed on rover Opportunity Washington Post 14 February 2004

UFO buff fascinated by the unexplained Whitehorse Star 13 February 2004

NASA rover takes Mars' temperature New Scientist 13 February 2004

Grad student's robotic arms probe for answers on Mars Boston University Bridge 13 February 2004

Mars rovers in high gear Calgary Sun 13 February 2004

September shuttle launch unlikely, NASA says Orlando Sentinel 13 February 2004

NASA 'excited' about layered rock on Mars Borneo Bulletin 13 February 2004

Opportunity zeroes in on Mars rocks Discovery Channel 12 February 2004

Spirit sets Mars mileage record CBS News 12 February 2004

Vancouver tops in UFO sightings reported across Canada Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11 February 2004

Close encounter on Highway 7 Winnipeg Sun 11 February 2004

UFO rams the Andes Pravda 11 February 2004

Something's out there News24 11 February 2004

Cold interrupts planned Mars sprint by Spirit rover San Francisco Chronicle 11 February 2004

Opportunity zooms in on Martian bedrock Scientific American 11 February 2004

Hubble space telescope: 1990-2007 Wired News 11 February 2004

Experts study photos of object seen flying near ISS Interfax 10 February 2004

More than 30 years on - is this our greatest UFO mystery? ABC Darwin 10 February 2004

Opportunity peeks out over rim CNN 10 February 2004

Two rovers on Mars into serious science Baltimore Sun 10 February 2004

Martian 'pebbles' don't prove watery past Nature 10 February 2004

Probe now on rock minerals Singapore Straits Times 10 February 2004

Professor searches for aliens Harvard Crimson 9 February 2004

Mars rovers head out to investigate Discovery Channel 9 February 2004

A new look at the roots of the Martian landscape Christian Science Monitor 9 February 2004

Spirit drills hole in Mars rock Discovery Channel 9 February 2004

UFOs call town home News Interactive 8 February 2004

Mars rover makes drilling debut BBC News 8 February 2004

Clean drill of health for Spirit Calgary Sun 8 February 2004

Spirit back on track, NASA says Houston Chronicle 7 February 2004

Mars rovers probe soil for clues to life, water Reuters 7 February 2004

Spirit to pierce Mars rock ABC Australia 7 February 2004

Spirit rover digs into first rock on Martian surface San Diego Union-Tribune 7 February 2004

Mars rover goes for a drive as NASA wraps up repairs on it's twin San Jose Mercury News 6 February 2004

NASA declares Mars Spirit rover healed after memory repairs San Francisco Chronicle 6 February 2004

Mars rover to probe rock outcrop The Scotsman 6 February 2004

Crater map brings Mars water hope Melbourne Herald Sun 6 February 2004

UFOs abound AV Web 5 February 2004

Opportunity to go for a drive Globe and Mail 5 February 2004

Mystery crash confounds Nigerians AV Web 5 February 2004

Mars rovers are set to begin exploring Minneapolis Star Tribune 5 February 2004

Scientists intrigued by Mars rover pictures Voice of America 5 February 2004

Mars soil images mystify scientists Discovery Channel 4 February 2004

NASA works on Mars rover computer program ABC News 4 February 2004

Astronomers think 'hot Jupiter' is cool The Age 4 February 2004

UFOs seen by aviation experts Turks 3 February 2004

Mars rovers set to work Discovery Channel 3 February 2004

Hubble sees key elements in atmosphere of Osiris Baltimore Sun 3 February 2004

Extrasolar planet's atmosphere blows away Discovery Channel 3 February 2004

Hubble sees oxygen, carbon around distant planet Reuters 2 February 2004

Rover Opportunity sends back panorama view of Mars San Francisco Chronicle 2 February 2004

Thunderstorm on Earth delays exploration on Mars Pakistan Daily Times 2 February 2004

Mars Opportunity rover joins twin Spirit on planet's surface Salt Lake Tribune 1 February 2004

Rover points to water once on the planet Mars Kansas City Star 1 February 2004

Americans interact with Mars rovers Minneapolis Star Tribune 1 February 2004

Opportunity takes first drive on Mars News Interactive 1 February 2004

Crop circles to be 'deciphered' Times of India 31 January 2004

Opportunity Mars rover rolls off landing platform Voice of America 31 January 2004

Scientists hope rover has spied hints of water Miami Herald 31 January 2004

Second rover safe on Mars surface BBC News 31 January 2004

Mars rover sees possible water evidence ABC News 30 January 2004

Problems with Spirit rover appear solved San Francisco Chronicle 30 January 2004

Opportunity is set to probe, Spirit will be healthy again Washington Post 30 January 2004

Mars rover Spirit snaps healthy photo Discovery Channel 30 January 2004

NASA prepares rover to roll onto Mars ABC News 29 January 2004

New Mars rover sights rock layers International Herald Tribune 29 January 2004

NASA and the browsers from Mars VNU 29 January 2004

NASA director defends Mars plan Atlanta Journal-Constitution 29 January 2004

Russia sends supply spacecraft to ISS China View 29 January 2004

Opportunity sending photos as Spirit heals Miami Herald 28 January 2004

Volcanoes would be good future targets Universe Today 28 January 2004

Bars of Mars rock may hold water Independent On Line 28 January 2004

Opportunity awaits Mars' 'tempting targets' San Francisco Chronicle 27 January 2004

'Fascinating' site for rover Newsday 27 January 2004

British ask for NASA help on lander USA Today 27 January 2004

Mars landing Opportunity too good to miss Melbourne Herald-Sun 27 January 2004

NASA hits a 'jackpot' on Mars with Opportunity Houston Chronicle 26 January 2004

NASA's rover hits 'Martian pay dirt' Contra Costa Times 26 January 2004

New rover rolls over Mars WXXA-TV 26 January 2004

NASA rover sends puzzling pictures back from Mars The Scotsman 26 January 2004

NASA's second Mars rover lands safely United Press International 25 January 2004

Scientists celebrate Opportunity CNN 25 January 2004

Second rover sends snapshots of 'bizarre alien landscape' Houston Chronicle 25 January 2004

More UFO sightings reported Canada East 24 January 2004

UFO picture a saucer wonder Melbourne Herald-Sun 24 January 2004

Whittlesea's alien lies in the eyes of the beholder The Age 24 January 2004

NASA prepares for Mars rover landing ABC News 24 January 2004

European orbiter finds evidence of water on Mars Chicago Sun-Times 24 January 2004

Spirit makes a feeble call from Mars ABC Australia 24 January 2004

NASA commands rover to speak; orbiter verifies water Tampa Bay Online 24 January 2004

NASA icy as Europe finds water on Mars The Scotsman 24 January 2004

Soviet army fought UFOs Pravda 23 January 2004

NASA encouraged by Spirit's signals Kansas City Star 23 January 2004

NASA fights to revive Spirit on Mars CNN International 23 January 2004

2nd Mars rover heads for landing Discovery Channel 23 January 2004

One NASA rover in 'critical condition' as twin nears Mars landing San Diego Union-Tribune 23 January 2004

Mars water theory coming up dry so far Arizona Daily Sun 22 January 2004

NASA making safety strides on shuttle, panel says Reuters 22 January 2004

Rainstorm delays rover's work on Mars ABC News 22 January 2004

UFO - The true story Pravda 21 January 2004

Panel will scrutinize NASA plan for station Florida Today 21 January 2004

Mars rock ready for its close up CNN 21 January 2004

Bush's space plan eyes new generation Boston Globe 21 January 2004

Too soon to decide when shuttles will fly again, NASA told Minneapolis Star-Tribune 21 January 2004

Roswell puts 40's theme into UFO festival Macon Telegraph 20 January 2004

Spirit gears up for days of observation Fox News 20 January 2004

Rocky task for Mars rover CNN 20 January 2004

Hollow mystery for Mars rover New Scientist 19 January 2004

Scientific triumph on Mars as Spirit lands and explores surface World Socialist 19 January 2004

Much ado about Mars Times of India 19 January 2004

Back to the moon and on to Mars Toronto Star 18 January 2004

Onward to Mars San Diego Union-Tribune 18 January 2004

Mission to Mars is as exciting as looking at rocks Taipei Times 18 January 2004

On Bush's bid to send humans to Mars Miami Herald 18 January 2004

Astronauts check for more leaks on space station Reuters 17 January 2004

Nuclear power may get us to Mars faster St. Louis Post-Dispatch 17 January 2004

The Spirit has landed Portsmouth Herald 17 January 2004

Death knell for space telescope BBC News 17 January 2004

The moon and Mars: another false dawn? Trinidad Express 17 January 2004

Cheers: Mars rover is on a roll Chicago Sun-Times 16 January 2004

Rover Spirit rolls onto Martian surface Reuters 16 January 2004

On firm dirt, rover ready to paw Mars Christian Science Monitor 16 January 2004

Internet language runs real, virtual Mars rover USA Today 16 January 2004

'Bush has promised the moon' Guardian Unlimited 16 January 2004

NASA reorganizes to address Bush's Moon/Mars plan Reuters 15 January 2004

Moon, Mars right goals Herald-Star 15 January 2004

Rover moves onto surface of Mars CNN 15 January 2004

To boldly go ... Bush tells NASA to build new shuttle for Mars Guardian Unlimited 15 January 2004

Space plans: bold vision or big flop? BBC News 15 January 2004

NASA rover rolls off lander News Interactive 15 January 2004

Aliens among us? Pravda 14 January 2004

Hate to scoop and run, but... Popular Mechanics 14 January 2004

Rover ready for overland Martian trek Christian Science Monitor 14 January 2004

Bush seeks $1 Billion for Moon, Mars missions ABC News 14 January 2004

Warm-up for Mars San Jose Mercury News 14 January 2004

Mars rover snaps 360 degree color panorama CNN 13 January 2004

Space station leak traced to US lab: NASA ABC Australia 13 January 2004

Spacecraft update in Bush plan New Zealand Herald 12 January 2004

Mars rover poised to touch the surface of the planet Baltimore Sun 11 January 2004

Placid Mars lifts spirits back on Earth RedNova 11 January 2004

Mars rover gets to its feet ABC Australia 11 January 2004

Funding, technical hurdles seen for US space plan Reuters 10 January 2004

Spirit rover's first drive expected next week Spaceflight Now 10 January 2004

Rover ready to leave lander, explore Mars CNN 10 January 2004

Are Mars missions worth the money? BBC News 10 January 2004

UFO Story - Tales of a gypsy ABC Australia 9 January 2004

Bush to seek manned flights to moon, Mars CNN 9 January 2004

Hubble sees intergalactic mating CBS News 9 January 2004

Planet that heats its sun is found News Interactive 9 January 2004

NASA trying again to clear Mars rover's path CNN 9 January 2004

Bush plans Mars mission UK Telegraph 9 January 2004

Beyond Beagle: Where now for British space? BBC News 8 January 2004

Supernova, sun combo blamed for mass extinction CNN 8 January 2004

Panoramic view sent from Mars BBC News 8 January 2004

'Best chance' of finding Beagle 2 fails UK Telegraph 8 January 2004

Space station air pressure stabilized CNN 8 January 2004

Sun's twin found in Scorpio's left claw New Zealand Herald 8 January 2004

Cops baffled after sighting UFO World Net Daily 7 January 2004

Strange sighting KVIA-TV 7 January 2004

Mystery at Mud Lake Jackson Citizen Patriot 7 January 2004

NASA debuts first color picture from Mars rover CNN 7 January 2004

NASA shows off Spirit's 'post card' from Mars Reuters 7 January 2004

Mothership fails to find Beagle on Mars CNN 7 January 2004

Crunch time approaches for Beagle BBC News 7 January 2004

Thrills as NASA sees red Herald-Sun 7 January 2004

Cops wonder what they saw in sky Indianapolis Star 6 January 2004

Speeding, doomed galaxy hints at Milky Way's fate Reuters 6 January 2004

Astronomers find sun's twin CNN 6 January 2004

More black hole secrets uncovered RedNova 6 January 2004

The space between man, machine New York Newsday 6 January 2004

NASA Mars picture of the day: Galle Crater Dunes Space Ref 6 January 2004

NASA eager: On Mars, get set, go! Rocky Mountain News 6 January 2004

US rover calls home, beams back color photos Reuters 5 January 2004

Space station has air pressure drop CNN 5 January 2004

For Bio-mathematicians: Earthly technologies of extraterrestrial visitors Pravda 5 January  2004

Mars mission picture perfect News Interactive 5 January 2004

Back on Mars, NASA is back on its game Christian Science Monitor 5 January 2004

Brits refuse to abandon Beagle 2 News Interactive 5 January 2004

NASA's rover touches down safely on Mars Yahoo News / Los Angeles Times 4 January 2004

Alien search boosted News Interactive 4 January 2004

Still no sign of missing Beagle BBC News 4 January 2004

NASA rover sends home Mars pictures Reuters 4 January 2004

NASA's Mars probe lands safely UK Telegraph 4 January 2004

Astronomers identify cradle of alien life RedNova 3 January 2004

Nukes may launch NASA on long-range missions ABC Australia 3 January 2004

NASA spacecraft swoops past distant comet Yahoo News 3 January 2004

NASA rover closes in on Mars CNN 3 January 2004

US Mars mission ready to land BBC News 3 January 2004

Chile school offers UFO class Space Daily 2 January 2004

Spacecraft captures comet dust CBS News 2 January 2004

New NASA Mars rover to touch down Saturday CNN 2 January 2004

Spacecraft enters halo of comet dust News Interactive 2 January 2004

NASA probes approach comet, Mars CBS News 2 January 2004

NASA golf buggies prepare for rough landing on Mars UK Telegraph 2 January 2004

Clock theory buys Beagle more time News Interactive 2 January 2004

Much at stake for NASA's Mars rovers Yahoo News 1 January 2004

A tale of two record-breaking galaxy clusters RedNova 1 January 2004

NASA reaches out to infinity Economic Times 1 January 2004

Beagle 2 remains silent, hopes pinned on Mars Express ABC Australia 1 January 2004

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