Rockville, California, USA Hoax
28 June 2003

Mysterious crop circles appeared in a Northern California wheat field on June 28, 2003, and within one week spectators had traveled great distances to get what they believed to be a first hand glimpse of the real thing.

Farmer Larry Balestra owns an 80 acre wheat field in Rockville, near Fairfield in Solano County. on the morning of Saturday June 28, 2003 while driving his truck near Suisun Valley and Rockville Roads. As word of the circles spread, so did the crop damage as believers and skeptics arrived to the field.

The Sacramento Bee reports that college student Paul Bearden of Fairfield videotaped the scene on Thursday July 3. Bearden told The Bee that he did not want to sound like a kook, but two months ago he saw some mysterious sights in the sky. "They looked like a tube. One side was orange and the other blue. And now these -- quite a coincidence," he said.

A visitor was caught by news photographers meditating inside the largest of the crop circles that appeared in Larry Balestra's wheat field. Inside another one of the circles Ross Dedrickson, a master dowser from Bellevue, Washington, was photographed while attempting to sense residual energy fields. 

On July 11, 2003, it was reported that three 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old confessed to The Vacaville Reporter under the condition of anonymity that they created the crop circles. The teens said that they had recently watched a documentary on 400 years of crop circle history and that they wanted to show off their creative sides. The circles were created with planks of wood, 30 feet of rope, and tape. One teen would stand in the center of the circle holding the rope. Another one would hold on to the other end of the rope. They would then step down onto the wood plank and use the wood to flatten the wheat. The largest circle had a diameter of 60 feet.

All of the parents of the boys are aware that their sons made the circles. Three are on probation for crimes relating to theft. The boys said they even tried to tell several visitors that they created the circles but no one believed them.

The circles did $500 damage to Larry Balestra's wheat field, but the farmer said that he would not press charges. He is planning to sell alien T-shirts to the tourists for $12 each. Even so, he was somewhat disappointed to learn that the teens claimed responsibility. He told The Reporter, "It's sad because this made so many people happy." 

Rockville Crop Circle Video


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