Abductions with Associated Scars

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Posted by Gurudas Natarajan from 66-207-67-33.cho.dmt.ntelos.net ( on Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 10:18PM :

All the scars I am writing about were scars that were made overnight, that were completely healed the next morning, and all are "stitchless" with the skin around them altered.

I have just received, in the last 3 weeks or so, 2 scars from "them" on the right side of my face in the hollow of my cheek bone there. The skin is altered around the scars, and the scars are without "stitch" marks, as are all the scars I have received since about the summer of 1984. The scars are my right side of my face are very noticeable to anyone just glancing at my face. There is one that comes down from the top of my right ear and angles toward the hollow of my cheek. It is joined by another scar that forms an "eye" with the first scar and continues down towards the jaw line. I am havingt photos made of this side of my face as well as the left side. I purposely smiled so that my smile lines would prove that these scars are not in those smile lines.

I also have "stitchless" scars on my head - two of them - one going up in an arch from ear to ear, and one going down in an arch from ear to ear. There is also one in the middle that is broader but is only about 1-2" long and is located on top of the bump of the skull where it joins the spine/neck. The result is that it looks like an eye with the middle small scar as the Iris. Ridiculous I know, but it is there. Wish I knew what all this was about.

I also have a large "stitchless" scar on my back that goes down my spine. There are also radiation burns with "holes" seeming in the center of each radiation "circle" though the radiation burns don't form perfect circles. And the skin on my back is reddened from these.

I also have a "stitchless" scar on the top of my head that is close to a scar with stitches that was done by a Dr. to remove a cyst. The "stitchless" scar seems to be close to it but spirals off towards the back of my head. I also have what appears to be a "crater" towards the right top side of my head, as well as radiation burns on my scalp.

Also, I have several "stitchless" scars of the tracheotomy kind on my neck. The first one was done sometime in 1993, don't remember the exact month or day, didn't keep track of them then. I don't actually keep that accurate a track of when they happen now, because it seems I notice them, but then I REALLY notice them about several weeks later (the reason being that I have had so many scars from surgeries done by "them" up there - whoever they are. I can never seem to remember - not so unusual from what I read. About 2 months ago I had the third tracheotomy scar, again "stitchless", but I woke up with that are feeling sore this time and there was a pinkness to the skin.

Also on my neck, cleverly placed within the crease of my throat skin, is a very discernible scar that is about 2-2 1/2" long. It is very noticeable as being different from the crease in my throat skin. It actually has what appears to be "( and )" at each ends, though these are more like straight up and down marks.

I do not kid in any of this. I wish it was not true, then I wouldn't be writing to you. All of this seems to have taken place from the summer of 1984 when I noticed the first mark on the back of my head that went from my right ear, arching upwards to the center of the back of my scalp. The best way to describe how the arch goes up is to have it (seems) to start at the center of the back of my ear where it joins the head, and arch the scar upwards to about 2" above the "bump" in the skull where it joins the neck. The same goes from the other lower arch line. Later on, I don't know when, these were completed. Then, the "stitchless" thicker scar in the center, located on top of the "bump" was put there. now to continue about when I first noticed the first "top" scar on the right side of the back of my head! It was sometime in the summer as I didn't need a jacket only a shirt. That night was the last good nights sleep I had for many many years. I went to be feeling greatly at peace and just wanted to go "home" for I had done everything in my life that I had ever though I wanted to do, or thought I was supposed to do. I slept for 9 hours straight (something I never did) and woke up the next morning just cursing and so mad that I could have spit nails into the wall. I don't remember what happened that night, but the next morning nothing would ever be the same. I had so many spiritual gifts that I was absolutely totally overwhelmed. I could read peoples minds just by being around them, I could see many of their different types of "bodies", I was propelled about by peoples energies as I passed them on the street. You name it, I had the gift, and so many of them remain today.

As I have said, I just don't have the exact dates on all of this. I do have most of the pictures to back this statement up, and I will have the pictures developed and ready within a week. So, if you are interested, I will either email them to you, or print out on a printer the pictures.

I guess it is finally time I open up with all of this. I sometimes get very angry that all of this is happening to me. But, with this last time, I have just been through so many abductions and scars that it is just too much effort to really get angry any more. Since I can't seem to stop any of these events, then I would be simply wasting my time getting angry. Interestingly, every time I am abducted and surgery is performed on me, I am better off. I find that this last surgery really calmed me down and has brought an amazing sense of peace. Don't know why, maybe just the number of times I have been abducted and they have performed surgeries on my. Sometimes I wonder if maybe my body was in a horrible state of health and these helped. But, my body, according to all the Earth Dr's. is a good healthy body. So, go figure?

And, these are not the only times I have been abducted. Sometimes it is daily, sometimes I have some memories of the abductions, sometimes I have no clue except that I wake up knowing I was abducted, and some times I have blood all over the back of my shorts, some times I have needle marks on my arms, quite often the 2 needles together, sometimes just one, sometimes a triangle affect. Just too many times to explain them all here. By the way, I am 60 now, so this has been going on for many, many years of my life, with the scars being a fairly new thing, from 1984 till now, making it about 21 years. Wow. And they still keep on doing it to me.

For now, please censor my name and email. I am not ready to communicate at large to the abductee community.

-- Gurudas Natarajan
-- signature bZedF.

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